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We take photos of all of our patients before and after the treatment. As a dentist who is in love with her job, I have attended congresses with all educational and innovation achievements abroad and continue to participate as a dentist. After returning to my home country, we carried out 4 prosthesis exports to Germany by manufacturing different prostheses based on the masses and models of German doctors for 9 years and opening a laboratory for the production of dentures for 70 people.

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It is not legal or appropriate for clinics with no health tourism certification to offer treatments to foreign patients.

Foreign patients should ask to clinics if they have a health tourism certificate before getting a treatment for legal reasons.

Dental implant treatments

Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jawbone and made from a suitable material to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth.
  • Dental implant
  • Screw implant system
  • Screwless implant system
  • All on four implant technique
  • 3D jaw and tooth tomography
  • Sinus lift surgery


Smile Design

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Amalgam filling

What is amalgam? Amalgam is a durable tooth filling material that contains silver, tin, copper and mercury and has been [...]

Full denture

Diş eksikliklerini doldurmak için günümüzde diş hekimliğinde birçok yöntem vardır. Bunlardan en sağlıklı ve doğru olanı diş eksikliklerinin konumu, sayısı, […]

Porcelain filling

About porcelain filling These types of fillers are composite-based jet fillings and fillings designed to supplement the shortcomings of amalgam [...]

Composite filling

About composite filling Because of their durability, these fillings can be applied to both the front and rear teeth. After [...]

Attachment prosthesis

PRECISION CONNECTED PROSTHESES Patients with a high number of missing teeth who cannot wear a fixed prosthesis have to choose [...]

Orthodontics (Dental and jaw disorders deformities)

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Telescopic crown

Crowns have been created for loss of substance and aesthetic problems of the single tooth. For the model, which is [...]

All treatments

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Happy people

More than 500 patients who have become acquainted with the All On Four Dental Implant treatment method and live a happy, comfortable life... Don't be late, get this comfort right away.

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High success rate

Studies show that the all-on-four procedure is an extremely successful treatment method in long-term follow-up.

What are the advantages of the All On Four implantation technique?

We can list the benefits of All On Four treatment as follows:

  • It offers the possibility of creating a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure for patients without a tooth on the same day.
  • The operation is easier because there is no need for advanced surgery such as sinus lift surgery or bone additions.
  • The operating time for dental implants is shorter.
  • Since the number of dental implants used is reduced and no additional surgical interventions are required, the costs are lower compared to conventional dental implant treatments.
  • It offers an aesthetic appearance, a smile line to be planned individually and thus a smile aesthetic.
  • In contrast to conventional dentures, cleaning and care is easier.
  • It is suitable for patients with nausea reflex who cannot use a removable denture.
  • The design differs from full tooth dentures (palate). Since the patient’s palate is not covered, it is easier to get used to it.
  • Since the number of treatment sessions required is small, it is suitable for patients who live outside the city.

Teeth whitening (BLEACHING)


If what limits your smile is your discolored teeth, you can get rid of it in just a few days. During the whitening process, a specially prepared gel is applied to the teeth and in most techniques the reaction with a light source is accelerated. The mechanism of the bleaching process is an oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances used release oxygen. The substances that cause staining of the teeth are replaced by colorless substances, which leads to teeth whitening.

Some of the causes of discolored teeth are:

  • Environmental factors: lack of toothbrush, chromogens in food, bacterial plaque on the tooth surface, exposure to tooth trauma, discoloration due to food such as tea-coffee-red wine.
  • Carbohydrate foods (sugar, flour, etc.)
  • Professional reasons: exposure to metal salts.
  • Genetic factors: tooth discoloration due to genetic factors, childhood antibiotics and tooth tissue diseases such as amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta and fluorosis.
  • Previous dental treatments: Canal treatments and discoloration due to amalgam fillings.

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Brilliant white teeth

More than 800 patients who have undergone a bleaching treatment method live with happy, white teeth ... Do not be late and now you have white teeth.

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High success rate

Studies show that dental whitening is a treatment method with a high success rate in long-term observation.

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