I have graduated from Marmara University in 1978. After graduating, I moved to Germany and worked there for many years. In 1986, I opened the first dentist assistant school in Turkey. I shared my experience and knowledge I gained in my years working in Germany to train great dentist assistants. After moving back to my country, we opened a 70-person dental-prosthesis manufacturing laboratory and we exported prosthesis to Germany by making various prosthesis on German dental models. After a long time, I continued our professional studies by establishing a team that was sufficient for us. In 1989, I opened the first private dental technician course and now all-around Turkey at least 150 technicians are continuing their professional life. Since 1996, I am performing implant operations, orthodontics treatments, and zircon aesthetics. To sum up, I am a dentist who knows this profession from A to the Z.

I always had a special interest in Periodontics, Implantology, Orthodontics studies. I joined almost every course and conference in Turkey or abroad, and receive certificates. For years, I have been successfully performing the knowledge I gained from these vocational seminars and courses on my patients. I have made presentations in conferences and gave speeches about my specialties at home or abroad and I am still doing it some time to time. As a person who is in love with her profession, I believe that we should never stop learning.

My professional specialties are oral and dental operations such as Implantology. I am also performing teeth aesthetics, smile design and rejuvenation for mouth corners to give my patients a younger and fresher look. I do not sacrifice quality; therefore, I like to use the best products in my patients to have the greatest results. I like to take before and after photos of my patient to see the difference more clearly. The hygiene of my clinic and the satisfaction of my patient are essential.

Here is a list of the courses, conferences I have attended at home and abroad:

  • Advanced Surgical & Prosthetic technique course for long-term implant success
  • Aegean Association of Implantology Inhalation Sedation Course Training
  • eCligner: Further Education and Training for Orthodontics
  • Theory and Practice Course of Oral Implantology
  • Dental Implantology Training of Steri-Oss
  • Endopore Implant: Theory and Practice Course of Oral Implantology
  • Pitt-Easy, Puretex: Theory and Practice Course of Oral Implantology
  • ICOI Conference
  • Dental Implantology Course for Advanced and Complex Cases (Vienna, Austria)
  • The Implant Prosthodontic Section of the ICOI
  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Dermal Filler and Dental Botox Training
  • Advanced Course in Bioprogressive Mechanics
  • Advanced Course in Orthodontics
  • Advanced Implantology Course of Trias
  • Advanced Implantology Course of Trias
  • ORTO-TEK Orthodontics Course
  • 8th International Congress of Osseointegration
  • Congress of Dentistry and Dental Technician
  • International Scientific Congress and Exhibition
  • Professional Dental Meetings & Expo
  • X-Ray Certificate

As long as my health allows me I would be happy to serve my patients and join vocational courses, conferences at home or abroad to follow the latest innovations and bring them to my clinic to give the greatest experience to my lovely patients. Lastly, I would love to thank all my patients for believing in me. Thanks to their love and appreciation I grow every day.

Best Regards,