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A beautiful and aesthetic smile allows you to communicate more confidently and strongly. Studies have proven that the first element that we pay the most attention to in the people we communicate with is the eyes, and the second element is the smile. In recent years, smile design studies have become widespread with the increasing aesthetic expectation of patients.

Smile design is to renew your ideal smile by applying medicine and art together. The important thing here is that it is very big, very white, protruding, etc., which seems to have been newly built at first glance. They are not teeth, on the contrary, they are teeth that are integrated with the face of the person that cannot be noticed by other people immediately.

How is Smile Design Performed?

The smile design starts by first determining which geometric shape your face line fits. The lines on the person’s face contain the passwords for which form the tooth should be selected. Below are the main face shapes and appropriate tooth forms. Male and female anatomy are different from each other. In males, facial features are sharper and more pronounced. The proportion of forehead nose to chin tip differs with the female face. In women, the transitions are softer, the nose and brow arches are more obscure. The teeth have the same parallelism.

In women:
• The corners of the teeth turn softer,
• The smile line is curved correctly,
• The two teeth in the middle are slightly longer than the teeth on the side,
• There are tiny gaps between the corners of neighboring teeth.

In men:
• Neighboring teeth join in a straighter line,
• The lines of the teeth are more pronounced,
• The smile line is straighter.

Best aeshtetic hollywood smile design (porcelain work) & Before and After

holywood smile in turkey

smile desing in kusadasi

best aesthetic smile design in kusadasi

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