What’s the purpose of Teeth Whitening?

If it’s the discoloration of your teeth that limits your laugh between your lips, it’s in your hands to get rid of it in a few days. During the whitening process, a specially prepared gel is applied to the teeth and in most techniques the reaction with a light source is accelerated. The mechanism of the bleaching process is an oxidation-reduction reaction. The substances used release oxygen. The substances that cause tooth staining are replaced by colorless substances, which leads to a whitening.
Some of the causes of teeth discoloration are:
  • Environmental factors: cleaning defects, chromogens in the food, bacteria plaque on the tooth surface, exposure to tooth trauma, discoloration due to food such as tea-coffee-red wine.
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates (sugar, flour, etc.)
  • Professional reasons: exposure to metal salts.
  • Genetic factors: Dark tooth color due to genetic factors, childhood antibiotics and tooth tissue diseases such as amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta and fluorosis.
  • Previous dental treatments: Canal treatments and discoloration due to amalgam fillings.
Diagnosis and Identifying Methods
Before the whitening, there should be no bruising, gingivitis, gum recession or wear on the teeth to be whitened. In such cases, all necessary treatments are carried out first and then the bleaching process is started. The reason for the discoloration should be determined before bleaching. Which type of lightening is used is selected accordingly.
Treatment Methods
Whitening the inside
It is applied to teeth that have lost their vitality. If the teeth were previously subject to trauma or if discolouration occurred after treatment with the canal, the whitening is achieved by applying a gel to the teeth. 35% of the perhydrol is placed in the tooth that has been treated with a canal treatment, and the process is terminated when the change in brightness achieves sufficient whiteness in certain periods.
Whitening the outside
The bleaching gel applied to the teeth by the dentist is applied by activating it with a light source. The gel applied is a Superoxol etching substance. Reversible staining can therefore occur in surrounding soft tissues. For this reason, the lips are isolated and the gums are covered with a light-curing special barrier before starting the procedure. When bleaching with a normal light device, the sessions last about 30 to 45 minutes, the result can be seen immediately. The duration of the treatment depends on the dentist and the degree of whiteness desired by the patient without damaging the tooth. The procedures are carried out approximately 3 sessions at intervals of 2 days.
In cases where the light device is a laser, the result is obtained at a point in time after an approximately 1 hour session.
The bleaching process has no influence on fillings and coatings. Therefore, they should be renewed according to the tooth shade obtained. The whitening process is a return process that depends on the time and habits of the patient. For this reason, it should be replaced regularly.
It has been found that this procedure, which is very easy for the patient and the doctor to use, has no complications in the long run. So instead of hiding our smiles, it is our right to show a sparkling smile that can be achieved with such a simple process.

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